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Have a movie night planned? When you sit to watch the movie, that's when you realize your Dish connection due to Recharge! There's no vendor open at that time of the night to  recharge . No worries! That's exactly what channelrechargeuae.com is here for. You can now recharge your Dish connection at any time of the day/night. Simply go to our website channelrechargeuae.com and select your service Quick Online channel Recharge - ADD TO CART  and follow three simpel setp Enter your detail and package detail  . Select a suitable payment option (credit card/debit card/cash card/) That's it! You're ready to go right back to watching your movie in a matter of minutes! In a few seconds you will receive a Email with the recipt copy fro your payment.

1. Enter the Viewing Card  Number & with your Detail.

2. Select the package and Pay Terms , or Extra Al-cart Paid Channel.

3. Creating the Invoice Copy from PAY PAL COMPANY , Using the option for Credit Cart Or Debit Card.

4. After the Transaction .On successful authorization the user gets the transaction id for recharge through Email.


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  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
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