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How does it work?

Channel uses a single satellite that sends signals directly to your personal Mini dish. All channels are bounced off this satellite, and brought directly to your TV set via the Dish. It offers you better picture quality as the picture is completely retained in digital format. The ground breaking direct-to-home digital entertainment service brings the power of choice to you. Entertainment in your language of choice and packages to suit your preferences and budget.

How is it better than the existing cable system?

Besides elevating you to a new technology Channel offer you an option of complete freedom from the friendly neighbor hood cable guy. Going the Direct to Home way has innumerable other advantages that change the way you watch television forever:

Superior Picture quality, just like watching a DVD
Stereophonic Sound
Capacity up to 400 channels
Geographic Mobility
Uninterrupted Viewing
Video Games
Exclusive International Channels
Parental Lock facility
Electronic Programmer Guide

I already have cable TV. Can I also get Indian Channel to work on my TV set?
No Problem!. Channel  is digital and direct, that means when you choose to install DISH you need not disturb your cable connection, just install your own Dish, simply connect the Digibox to your existing TV, insert your personal unique Viewing Card and you are ready to go!

Infect you can watch television without disturbing your existing cable connection in normal TV mode in AV mode, by choosing the AV option from the remote of your TV set. That means both the inputs can be used simultaneously.

How will I know about new channels introduced?

We ensure to inform all our subscribers about the newly introduced channels, you can find out the same from our website, dish interactive channel No. 999 and by calling at our call center 055-9114028   

My TV set has only limited number of channels, how can I view more number of channels that offers?

The Digibox provided by enables a large number of channels to be viewed irrespective of the number of channels supported by your TV set. Digibox supports up to 400 channels.

What is a viewing card? Or Vc

A Viewing Card is a credit card sized Smart Card, which contains information about the channels that the customer has subscribed to. When inserted in the Digibox it enables viewing of the channels chosen by the subscriber. You must take care of this card and note down its unique VC Number in a safe place and mention it in your every communication with us.

Is Channel Recharge Online available all over World?

Dish Channel Recharge Services is available in UAE – Afghanistan – IRAN - Saudi Arabia -Franc – Kuwait – Norway – Oman – Bhutan – Qatar – Bahrain – Singapore – Sri Lanka – Tajikistan – Yemen –India 

What is the warranty period?

Twelve months for the Dig box. Normally nothing goes wrong in the Dish and the LNB. However, your dealer shall give you free of charge support after installation for 60 days.

What would I need to buy?
When you buy a connection you get - Hardware / Equipment:

Dish with LNB
Digibox and cable
Viewing Card (VC)
The Digibox with the VC will be installed in your home, connected to your TV. be fixed outside on a Roof/ Terrace/ Veranda/ Lawn etc wherever it can face the direction of the satellite without any disruption / blockage in between. The installation is done by our experts.

Where would the dish be installed?

Ideally it should be installed on the roof of your building, veranda, terrace, or anywhere you can have a clear view of the sky, as it need to catch satellite signals.

How much would all this cost?
extremely affordable and offers exciting schemes.

How do I make payments?
You can pay your subscription fees: or visit payment method page

Directly through your dealer through  Banking  at the time of installation
Through Online Banks

How will I carry my Connection if I am shifting my home or getting transferred to another city/town?

Yes, you can carry the equipment anywhere in Asia where signal work . Get in touch with the local Connection dealer wherever you go. The dealer will help you in installing the equipment at your new premises at a nominal cost.

Is there anything that disrupts reception quality? For example heavy rains?

A few minutes of outage might occur in extreme weather conditions like heavy rains or when the sun comes in the line of the satellite and earth. This phenomenon is called RAIN OUTAGE / SUN OUTAGE and occurs in platforms across the world. This is typically for one or two minutes in a year, outage gets corrected by itself as it is automatically detected


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